Park Pavilion Reservation

The pavilions at Sarah Benson Park are available for rental by filling out an deposit form and submitting it to Town Hall. The park pavilions can be rented for $50 with a deposit of $100 and the deposit is refundable if the pavilion is left clean and all trash removed from the pavilion area.

Please check the facility calendar to confirm pavilion availability prior to submitting a rental request. 

Online Pavilion Request

Request to reserve a park pavilion online!

There is now the ability to submit a pavilion reservation request online!  Click on the link above, choose the pavilion you would like to rent, then click on the"Request Reservation" link.

Get the PDF version of the park pavilion rental form here.

The Lower Pavilion (LP)

  • 10 picnic tables
  • 3 BBQ grills
  • No water, water fountains close by
  • Electricity
  • Close to restrooms and playground
  • Additional parking available upon request - gate will be unlocked but renter is responsible for opening and closing the gate

The Upper Pavilion (UP)

  • 4 picnic tables
  • 2 BBQ grills
  • No water or electricity

The Stage

  • No tables or grills, but you are welcome to bring your own
  • No water
  • Electricity available upon request