Inspection Requests & Schedule

Permit/Planning System

The Town of Thompson's Station Community Development Department has moved to a new Permit Management Software!  Use the software to submit applications for the following permits: New Building, Blasting, Grading, ROW, etc.  

The system will be used to request inspections once the building permit has been created and issued.  Simply log into the system and use the "My Dashboard" page to navigate to your permit or search with the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner then click the "Request Inspection" button. 

idtPlans Homepage

idtPlansHomepage Opens in new window

Use the link above to access the Thompson's Station idtPlans Homepage.  

Contact idtPlans Support for help with issues concerning how to use idtPlans or if you encounter issues with the site by creating a support ticket using your idtPlans account.

Inspection Request Form 

Fill out the Online Inspection Request Form to request inspections.  

NOTE: If your permit was issued after Sep. 2020, DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM.  Use the idtPlans system at the top of the page to submit inspection requests.  This system and the Inspection Schedule below is only for permits issued before Sep. 2020. 

Call in requests will be asked to use the website.


Inspection Schedule

The Inspection Schedule is updated periodically throughout the day (8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Mon-Fri).  We will do our best to keep the schedule up-to-date.

Requested inspections are required to be ready for inspection when they are submitted.

Inspections are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis and we reserve the right to change the Inspection Schedule at our discretion.  

Please consult the Inspection Schedule spreadsheets to track when your inspection is scheduled for.

Those calling Town Hall to find out when their inspection is scheduled will be directed to the website.

Current Week’s Inspection Schedule:

Inspection Schedule (9/13 - 9/17)

Previous Two Week’s Inspection Schedules:

Inspection Schedule (9/6 - 9/10)

Inspection Schedule (8/30 - 9/03)