Current Town Projects

Park Projects

Preservation Park Master Plan

In March 2016, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board adopted the Preservation Park Master Plan prepared by HFR Design. The new park plan proposes improvements such as an amphitheater, an expansion of the community gardens, trails and an education center.

Thompson's Station Greenway

The Greenway Trail System has been part of the long-term vision of creating a walk-able community within Thompson’s Station that would connect the major subdivisions and schools to the 300+ acres of park lands and Town Center and provide an alternative means of transportation.  For each phase of the project, the Town has been awarded grants of varying sizes to assist in the construction.

Capital Improvements List (Future Projects)

The Thompson's Station Parks and Recreation Advisory Board along with Town Staff have come up with a list of Park Improvements that will be included in the Town's Budget under Capital Improvement Projects. These projects look forward over the next 4 years and include the creation of a Town-wide Master Plan for all of the Town's Parkland.

Roadway Projects

Critz Lane Widening

The entire length of Critz Lane, approximately 2 miles, between Columbia Pike and Lewisburg Pike will be widened to accommodate the increased traffic and provide a safer roadway.

Major Thoroughfare Plan

A Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) is a long-range plan that shows a vision for the Town’s transportation network. It provides guidance for future growth and is a regulatory plan for public investments and future improvements to roads, sidewalks, and multimodal facilities. 

State Route 6 (Columbia Pike/Hwy 31) Widening TDOT Project

State Route 6, also known as Columbia Pike, Highway 31 and Main Street in Spring Hill, has been identified by the Tennessee Department of Transportation as an area that needs to be addressed due to the continuing population expansion in Middle Tennessee.  TDOT has come up with concept plans for the widening of Hwy 31 to 4 lanes starting in Franklin and extending south through Thompson's Station and into Spring Hill.

Wastewater Projects

Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

To accommodate future growth, development, and increased flows, the town is designing a plant expansion at the Regional WWTP. The new facility will convert the existing system from a lagoon system to membrane technology and provide a higher level of treatment for future potential changes in effluent disposal permit limits. Membrane technology provides superior treatment and dramatically decreases the footprint of the treatment plant area. By decreasing the footprint and increasing the treatment capacity, the town is able to provide a more sustainable system for the future.

Regional Facility Service Area Map

The featured map shows the areas to be included in the Regional Facilities service area once the plant is upgraded to an MBR system.

Irrigation Fields - Current & Future

Collection of all the Town's current and future Irrigation field locations.