Land Development Ordinance

The Town of Thompson's Station developed the Land Development Ordinance in 2015 with public input and assistance from the Placemakers LLC during our Next Stop: Thompson's Station charrette

[Wikipedia: A charrette (pronounced [shuh-ret]) . . . is an intense period of design or planning activity.]  

The document establishes the zoning standards that guide future residential and commercial developments in the Town.

The LDO is separated into 5 Articles or Sections:

1. General Provisions - Authority, Intent and Definitions

2. Sector Plan - Adopted Sector Plan and Community Types, etc..

3. Subdivision Regulations - Subdivision Standards, Floodplain Regulations, Access, Drainage, Sewage, Utilities, etc..

4. Zoning - Lot Standards, Use Restrictions, Parking/Lighting/Fencing/Buffering/Landscaping /Signage Standards, etc.. 

5. Administration and Process - Subdivision and Zoning Process, Plans and Applications, Approval Authority, etc..

Front Page from Land Development Ordinance 2019