Critz Lane Redesign

The entire length of Critz Lane, approximately 2 miles, which runs past Fields of Canterbury and Bridgemore Village subdivisions between Columbia Pike and Lewisburg Pike, will be widened to accommodate the increased traffic and provide a safer roadway. The large hill just east of Clayton Arnold Rd intersection will be lowered and roundabouts at the intersections at Clayton Arnold and Pantall Roads are to be installed with the referenced design.

The Project has been split into 3 Sections: The first section of the project will be centered around the Critz Lane / Clayton Arnold intersection and along the road in front of the Canterbury development. Sections 2 and 3 will encompass the west and east ends of Critz Lane respectively.  

Phase 1 has been broken up into Stage 1 & Stage 2, each of which will have different traffic detour patterns (see below).  Stage 1 will include work on Critz East of Clayton Arnold Rd while Stage 2 will include work on a roundabout at the intersection of Clayton Arnold and Critz.

Critz Lane Vicinity Map - Click the map for PDF


Project Schedule (Click for PDF)

Critz Lane Impr - 12-13-21 Pre-Const Schedule_Page_1
Critz Lane Impr - 12-13-21 Pre-Const Schedule_Page_2

While Barge Design Solutions LLC have created overall plans for the entire width of the Critz Ln project, Ragan/Smith Engineering LLC is the company currently designing Section 1 of the project.  Rogers Group is the contracted construction company who has 500 days from the start of construction to complete the project.

Construction Plans

Bid documents from Ragan/Smith were released in 2020 with construction plans available here.   

Critz/Clayton Arnold Roundabout - PDF

Roundabout Critz Lane Construction Plans 2020.07.13_BID SET (1)

Intersection at Avenue Downs/Lionscrest/Critz - PDF

Pages from Critz Lane Construction Plans 2020.07.13_BID SET

Construction Detour: While a section of Critz Lane is closed, a detour route will be setup through the Avenue Downs property at the south-west corner of the Critz Ln / Clayton Arnold Rd intersection (pictured below).  This connection will allow traffic to flow in and out of Canterbury from Lioncrest Lane onto Clayton Arnold Road.  The dates of closure will be known once Utility Relocation is completed.

Project Estimated Timeline

  • Detour Route Construction: Summer 2020 – Spring 2021
  • Utility Relocating: Fall 2020 – Summer 2021
  • Road Construction Start: January 2022
    • Stage 1: February- May 2022
    • Stage 2: June 2022- Project Completion
  • Project Completion: 1st Quarter 2023

Regional Traffic Detour (PDF)


Local Traffic Detour Stage 1 - PDF


Local Traffic Detour Stage 2 - PDF

2022.01.03 Critz Ln Closure Stages_Page_1
2022.01.03 Critz Ln Closure Stages_Page_2

*Road sections shown in purple color will be the closed during Stage 1 and Stage 2 respectively.

Detour Signage Placement is shown below.

Sep. 14th 2021 Open House - Brandon Baxter with Ragan/Smith and BOMA discuss the upcoming detours and traffic issues relating to Phase 1 of the Critz Lane Redesign Project.

Detour Signage - Click for PDF

Critz Lane Traffic Control BOMA Mtg_Page_4

Detour Signage - Click for PDF

Critz Lane Traffic Control BOMA Mtg_Page_7

Construction Detour through Avenue Downs during Stage 1 - PDF

Pages from Critz Lane Construction Plans 2020.07.13_BID SET

Construction Detour through Avenue Downs/Canterbury during Stage 2 - PDF

Critz Lane Traffic Control BOMA Mtg_Page_6