Planning Projects

The Town of Thompson's Station provides Planning and Zoning services out of the Community Development Office at 1551 Thompson's Station Rd West. The Town Planning Director, Micah Wood, supervises planning/zoning, permitting and building inspections.  Projects related to Town Planning and future Growth are listed below. 

Planning Projects

Comprehensive Plan Update - Urban Growth Boundary

To accommodate future growth, development, and increased flows, municipalities in Williamson County are all working concurrently to determine new urban growth boundaries for each city/town that define where they can grow.  

All Aboard Comprehensive Planning

The Town of Thompson’s Station’s current policy and regulatory framework for environmental protection, land use, and transportation were adopted from 2015-2019 as separate documents.  The Town’s proposed wastewater treatment plant upgrade, scheduled to be completed in 2023, will open the Town to tremendous growth pressures. In an effort to be ready for the coming growth and development, the Town is seeking consultants who will analyze all relevant data, existing and future market conditions, study current and future development patterns, and transportation issues to establish goals and objectives to allow the Town to develop both policy and regulatory strategies that will help the Town reflect the community’s vision for future growth and development while preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Thompson’s Station.  This will be built on the already award winning framework of the Land Development Ordinance.

The All Aboard Comprehensive Planning process will include simultaneous updates to the following documents: