Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department consists of the Town Planner who is responsible for reviewing and enforcing Town Zoning laws and ordinances that have been approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.

Planning Applications on IDT

The Town of Thompson's Station utilizes an electronic plan review system, IDT for all planning applications. See the list below for all applications available through the Planning Category in IDT:

  1. Planning
  2. Permits
  1. Construction Plans
  2. Site Plan
  3. Preliminary Plat
  4. Final Plat
  5. Minor Planning Projects
  6. Performance Bond
  7. Maintenance Bond
  8. Variance
  9. Rezoning
  10. Annexation
  11. Zoning Verifciation Letter

Applications for constructions drawings related to a preliminary plat.

Planning Applications

Planning Staff reviews all applications for development within the Town of Thompson’s Station. Most projects are also reviewed by the Planning Commission. Planning Staff provides information in the form of a staff report with a recommendation to the Commission. 

Concept Plan

A concept plan is required for any project submittal for all projects consisting of the subdivision of land into five or more lots.  The plan should provide enough information to show that the proposed project can adequately address issues related to roads, drainage and sewer for the property.  The concept plan must be prepared in accordance with the submittal checklist.

Land Development Ordinance Amendment or Rezone

Amendments to the Land Development Ordinance (LDO) require a Planning Commission recommendation to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Please see the attached Amendment Process Flowchart.

An application in accordance with the submittal checklist is required. No applications will be accepted if the submittals do not include all requirements. Once an application is deemed complete, Staff will begin to review the proposal. Staff will prepare a report to the Planning Commission which may include a recommendation. Upon consideration of the material presented, the Planning Commission will provide a recommendation to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The item will be scheduled for the next BOMA meeting and a report will be submitted with the Planning Commission’s recommendation. Amendments are completed by ordinance which require two readings before the Board.

Tenant Improvement Process

Planning and Codes work together for the review of tenant improvements. 

  • Obtain Planning site plan approval.  
  • Is the suite an empty shell or a change of use? Explain the current use of the structure.
  • Complete building permit application and submit all necessary plans and documentation.
  • Provide an analysis of the proposed sewer usage for the use.  Submit all engineering documentation to show how sewer usage is calculated.