Building and Codes

The Building and Codes Department provides review of building permit requests and conducts inspections in accordance with the adopted International Building Codes (IBC) standards.

Permit Requests

To obtain a building permit, please submit an application through the Town's electronic plan review system, IDT. See the list below for all applications available through the Building and Inspection Category in IDT:

Note: A permit will not be issued until both the Town Planner and Building Codes Official have reviewed and signed off on the site plans / building plans.

Burn Permits

The Town of Thompson's Station does not regulate burning or burn permits for residential homes. For construction sites, burning is regulated by the Thompson's Station Planning Commission. For more information on obtaining a burn permit, please visit this page.

  1. Building Permit
  2. Swimming Pool Permit
  3. Blasting Permit
  4. Miscellaneous Permits
  1. Information
  2. Forms / Documents Needed

Thompson's Station uses the 2015 IRC Building Code (Eff 01/01/2018)

A Building Permit is required to construct, alter, repair, enlarge, move, renovate, demolish, or permanently place any building, or structure.

Codes Inspection Requests

All inspection requests should be made through the Thompson's Station IDT Plans & Permits webpage. After a building permit has been issued, simply log into the system and use the "My Dashboard" page to navigate to your permit or search with the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner then click the "Request Inspection" button.

Note: Electrical inspections are done through the State. Septic inspections are done through the County.

Code Violation Complaint

If you would like to file a complaint, please submit an online form. The Town will investigate credible complaints of ordinance and code violations within the Town limits.