Public Records Request

In Tennessee, unless a law or regulation states otherwise, government records must be made available for viewing. Submit an electronic Public Records Request to communicate with us what documents you would like to request. 

Note: If you have difficulties submitting your request online, please print this Public Records Request Form and submit the completed document to Town Hall.  

Click HERE to view the Public Record Request Policy.

Public Record Request

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  2. The Tennessee Public Records Act (TPRA) grants Tennessee citizens the right to access open public records that exist at the time of the request. The TPRA does not require records custodians to compile information or create or recreate records that do not exist.
  3. Is the requestor a Tennessee Citizen? (Copy of Driver's License Required)*
  4. Under penalty of perjury, I herewith affirm that my electronic signature was signed by myself with full knowledge and consent and am legally authorized to sign. 

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