Town of Thompson's Station
 Municipal Planning Commission
 Meeting Agenda
April 26, 2022

Meeting Called to Order - determination of quorum




Consideration of the Minutes of the February 22, 2022, meeting


Public Comments-


Planner Report & Announcements




1. Station Hill Subdivision, Concept Plan- a presentation of a concept plan for a residential subdivision with 290 homes on approximately 220 acres located at 1824 Sedberry Road.


2. Tollgate Food Hall, Site Plan- request for approval of a 2 story, 3,000 square foot building with a restaurant and office space at 2201 Portsmouth Drive in the Tollgate Village subdivision.




3. Update on Long-held Bonds



This meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at the Thompson's Station Community Center
1555 Thompson's Station Rd West